Julie Aigner-Clark: Creator of Baby Einstein aims for the youngest learners.

A few years back, Julie Aigner-Clark was a parent in search of soothing, healthy stimuli for her infant daughter but was shocked at the nonexistent options. Clark, a former teacher who had quit work to raise her daughter, conceptualized the idea of a video, produced in her basement, that incorporated music and images to introduce infants to the beautiful world of the arts. Today, multitudes of parents and kids know these videos as Baby Einstein, a company created by Clark, now owned by the Walt Disney company through a multi-million dollar acquisition. Julie Aigner-Clark is DNEVER WOMAN’s June-July profile feature. Readers will also learn about Clark’s battle with breast cancer and her endeavor to develop an Emmy award-winning DVD about children and safety, created in concert with John Walsh’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. “Áll my work was based on my instincts as a mom, as a teacher, as a lover of the arts.I just went with what I believed would work,” explains Julie Aigner-Clark.

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