Living Style: Step Into My Closet

Elegant women showcase their elegant closets. Once upon a time there was a room. It was dark, it was narrow, and it was stuffed to the brim with clothes, accessories and bits of discarded items too numerous to mention. That room was called the closet, and its sole purpose was to serve as the holding area for items waiting to be retrieved from its dim, crowded depths. Enter the new age of elegance and refinement. Step inside the doublewide French doors to a slice of heaven — a bright, spacious, and, yes, dropdead gorgeous room that is at once a work of art and the keeper of the wardrobe. When you think about it, a woman’s closet may well be the most important room in any home! It’s no secret that most women crave a fabulous closet, and who can blame them? Just ask Mark Lestikow, owner of The Closet Factory, a 17-year-old company that caters to the whims and desires of homeowners seeking to create or recreate a closet that will knock the socks (or shoes or sweaters) off anyone who steps inside. “The closet has gone from being something nice to something that women want,” he says. “Women spend a lot of money on their clothes, and if they’re not organized or they can’t find things, that’s a problem. We see women who buy two or three of the same item because they didn’t know something similar was already in their closet. Their shoes are still in the boxes, so they don’t know what they own. The goal is to get these women organized and functioning.”

living2We stepped into the closets of three well-known Denver women to learn how they were able to design and create havens that truly match their lifestyles and needs. The beauty of it, Lestikow says, is that a wonderful and usable closet can be created from even a small space. All it takes is the use of creative lighting, wood finishes, glass and storage and, voila, you too can have an artistic masterpiece that is uniquely you.

Agatha Kessler knows nice clothes, and her exquisite taste is now incorporated into her new home in the Watermark. Her goal was to create an environment that is both relaxing and beautiful and is equal to all the other rooms in her elegant home. The space includes a dramatic vanity that serves as a focal point in the closet, designed with custom crown molding, fluted panels, mirrors and maple finishes. This room truly is designed as a wow factor for the home and blends into the entire area’s museum-like feel. The closet’s glass door, chandeliers and subtle backlighting add to the drama and functionality of the space.

Jazz singer
When you step into Dianne Reeves’ closet, you quicklyrealize that for this high-class entertainer, function is a vital part of her fast-paced, nonstop lifestyle. The first lady of the vocals knows she must look picture-perfect every time she appears onstage. She converted her old closet into a shoe showroom, where she can quickly and easily match her shoes with her gowns and cut her packing time by two-thirds. Now, her beautiful shoes have an exquisite venue that Reeves can use to her advantage. And her English cottagestyle closet affords a wonderfully cozy space that doubles as a dressing area.

Realtor-on-the-go Jan Nelson wanted a closet that would fit in with her busy lifestyle. Her previous closet system was random and scattered and was not well suited to her day-today life. She redesigned her closet to create a more functional system that is clean, organized and pleasing to the eye. The classic look contains a series of smaller reach-in closets that hold her personal effects and provide a crisp display.

Written by ELLEN GRAY
Photography by KIMBERLY DAWN

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