Raising Denver – Parents tell how they go about rearing their children.

DENVER WOMAN spoke to four women who willingly have taken on one of the most difficult jobs that exist – parenting. With each one approaching parenting from a different angle, they provide perspectives about the ways they handle various parenting issues. We hear from Heidi Kassal, a stay-at-home mom, Shelly McCarty, a single mother of one son, Mary Litwiler, a married mother of two and CEO of Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce who is transitioning to a part time job that will offer more flexibility, and, grandmother Paula Pursley, who provides insight about raising three children and on parenting styles for today’s parents. DENVER WOMAN also speaks with child psychologist, Tom Olkowski, Ph.D., who is co-author of Moving with Children, who comments on the three primary challenges facing parents today.

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